AB offers a variety of consulting options including individual, team, e-sessions, and distance consulting. If you have a need for mental edge training, we are here for you, no matter where you are located.


Group sessions geared to improve team communication, cohesion, and performance and customized to fit a team's needs.


  • 1-Hour Clinic

    Atheltes will spend an hour learning about the importance of their mental game. In this amount of time, generally one concept is trained.


  • 2-Hour Clinic

    Two hours is the perfect amount of time to set goals as a team and begin to build team trust. 


  • 4-Hour Clinic

    Jump start the season with a four hour clinic that brings the team together to set goals, increase confidence, and promote teamwork and communication. 


  • Season Packages

    Looking to keep the mental game sharp all season? Throughout the season a team can learn multiple sport psychology concepts, refine them, and hit their stride as the season continues. All season packages are customized and include:

    • 5 hours of formal training throughout the season

    • Access to a performance consultant throughout the season, including attendance at some practices and/or competitions

    • Attendance by a consultant at previously scheduled practices and/or competitions

    • 10-15 minute informal sessions at each practice and/or competition attended by a consultant, as requested


AB Performance Consulting, LLC can provide a formal workbook for group sessionss. Inquire for details!



One-on-one sessions tailored to enhance an athlete's performance. 


  • Introductory Session

    During an introductory session a performance consultant will do an assessment of the athletes wants and needs, as well as begin the first steps to enhancing performance

    (45 minutes).


  • Single Session

    Single sessions are for athletes that want to gain knowledge about sport psychology and how it can apply to their performance

    (60 minutes).


  • 5 Session Package

    With 5 sessions an athlete can really begin to refine and apply mental skills. With this option athletes can also communicate with a performance consultant between sessions

    (60 minutes each).


  • 10 Session Package

    This option is for athletes committed to enhancing performance and reaching goals throughout the season. Mental skills need to be trained regularly just like physical skills. With this option athletes can also communicate with a performance consultant between sessions (60 minutes each).

Athlete, Age 13

"[AB Performance Consulting] really helped me to think more positively about my skills and routines." 



Individual or team distance consultation designed to give athletes that mental edge despite location.



Not located in Louisville? AB Performance Consulting, LLC provides the same high quality sessions to anywhere in the world through the use of technology. 

Call or email today to set up a distance consulting plan with AB.



Online sessions hosted live by AB.


E-Sessions are a great, cost effective way to gain exposure to sport psychology principles and sharpen your mental toughness skills. E-Sessions are available monthly and are approximately 1-hour in length. Topics vary so make sure to check out our website and social media regularly!