Founded in Louisville, KY, AB Performance Consulting, LLC aims to help athletes and teams build a mental edge for consistent peak performance. 
Consultants Alexis Bradley and Abbey Bradshaw teach athletes the fundamentals of sport psychology so they can take control of their minds in order to reach their goals and enhance performance.

Alexis became interested in sport psychology when she had to deal with a serious injury that ended her career as a Division 1 gymnast at North Carolina State University. She had always dreamed of competing in college and turned to sport psychology for help with her transition out of sport. Moving on from gymnastics, Alexis decided to build on her experience and help other athletes. She went on to receive a Master of Science in Sport Psychology from Florida State University.


Since 2008, Alexis has worked as a sport psychology consultant for high school and collegiate athletes in a variety of sports. Alexis spent four years enhancing mental toughness for Soldiers in the U.S. Army and is a certified mental performance consultant with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.

Abbey was first exposed to sport psychology at age 12 when fear was holding her back from moving on to the next level in sport. Since then, she was hooked! Sport psychology allowed Abbey to become the Division 1 gymnast she dreamed of becoming as a child. After competing for Western Michigan University, Abbey went on to earn her Master of Science in the field of sport psychology from the University of Tennessee. 


For the past 8 years, Abbey has been consulting athletes, performers, and teams of all ages and areas including gymnastics, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, students, and the military.